Talk less and Let me see your codes in Git, and I try to hire you.

Yesterday I met an old friend who travels in Germany. I like bier , he likes as well. He asked me the scrum here(he is a scrum master) I told him that I've began to startup and anti-scrum. Told him the truth that a lot companies here do scrum but they do not really understand scrum and just keep a long in wrong side, etc........ We laughing together :)

He asked me how the German people interview an IT-guy. Hmmm, frankly to say it's really different, but I have little experience and just some heard. He comes from silicon valley, but I couldn't reply in an America style. I told him that they will ask you some general questions like what you have in valley. However I didn't answer it directly. 

I told him, "The most interviews here are really standard like and if you want a programmer position you can have more chances, but as you're in your interview you'll find that a lot HRs would be the main cast in the round, they're not technicians but they ask more damm questions really. Some companies hire people with a test to write some programs or just ask questions about technology.  There're still a lot types etc.... "

After I told him all ,  my friend asked me, "do they see your daily codes any , means in github, or Goole code?  "

I couldn't answer the question, and thought that it's never been seen, never heard here, although I've looked forward a codes viewing by the companies for a really long time. Because some companies provide a test as you know, but they are just some tests which can not proof something or evidence.

"I provide my git in my CV, they say it could be helpful, they'll check. However they did not. " I answered.

After a while he asked me, " how do you wanna to hire a guy later? "   I look at his face, and just smiling.....


Error-handling in Golang

     Error to catch in Golang is very different from other C like languages, just like other features of Golang, there's no try-catch or some else. See more from the Effective Go you can get primary feeling that there's only one level handling, just define a "defer" in each functions that would import "panic" or a potential crash.
    What programmer shouldn't forget is release necessary resource, like Channel what can block the program when you've forgotten put something into it. Here a  written sample to demonstrate when channel in recover phase not be told,  the "go run" can't be proceed by removing line 14
    Golang's error-handling works for each go-routine isolatedly, which means all go-routines don't interfere each other when some of them being "panic".


Release a sample of tinyurl4j to store.

Made a sample app on store.

Android Device ID, Device identifier, or unique bundle etc.

An unique identifier of device. 

  1. There're different methods to fetch an identifier on device, however none of them is perfect. We can use device.mac or secure.id for a lot projects that only available in EU even are limited in some countries, but they could be faked outside EU and in worldwide.
  2. UUID  of Android is almost like its name a "perfect" one, but once you see the doc  from Google, you'll know that it is not the one.
  3. A Gmail(G+ account) could be a candidate for some cases when the client application is under the condition that user must have at least one mail-address.

A solution is to merge them first into a class as util. 

Code merge

The method 1. 2. and 3. could be merged into one method. When UUID is "null", the GMAIL should be used, when GMAIL is also "null", the method 1. will be as fallback.


Jar for tinyurl4j

After some tryings I can now use makeJar task of gradle to export Jars from Android Studio. The first Jar of tinyurl4j is now available for downloading.

Hacker (News) Push has also updated with this new fresh library.

The update of a thread from stackoverflow might be proceed now.  Thanks another thread for my first export lib.


Publish the repository of tinyurl4j

The library is based on recent idea to wrapper the tinyurl call. The library is at moment young which means no Maven,  no JAR.  If used it should be included as a library project. But the sample codes work fine just without UI code lines.



Nexus 6 coming





First public API

     Have long time thought to make an API for learning how to program in Go on server with Go's super occurrence functionalities . Every time wanna do it would be occupied by something else. Regularly is a project from firm or some new ideas have to realize. Time's always up if delay tasks and move it later for some other reasons. Before Hacker (News) Push I have started using Go for some , now including HN .  Actually I really hate to have few time to do my own thing after work-time. Today I publish my first official API. That's a learn phase of Go but it works final.



Oha! It's end,  I've finished last two yellow feature-posts. In the last two weeks I've encouraged in doing update for my Hacker (News) Push. New features which were caught under my way home or to work. With yellow-post and write down what caught. It's so exciting to know what I want and just coding to realize them. The Golang is now the my core language to coding on server and more and more feeling on this language is its super performance either single thread or the concurrence tasks. Any new idea to improve efficient codes of request  can be done very fast and easy. 

Ok, stopping blogging now and do more ...

Yes,  I'll think again now as under way...

Still to blog the promotion words here:

Hacker (News) Push has been updated. What new is Search and Recent view to review last hours Top Pushed News. More features come soon.  We support Apps just after getting idea and DO IT without chatting!




这几天在做个小lib,需要用到文件操作,比如拷贝文件,目录,清空目录 等等。特此总结了一些代码。




Hacker News Push is updated!

To get more Hacker News without pulling and getting more local feeling.
The app has now supported tablet layout which means the landscape is available. Also more bugs have been fixed and the backend has also been optimized.


Experience in China hometown

I was luck last three weeks in Shanghai China where I was there as hometown more than 25 years. This is a 2nd time of last 2 years to return there. Always I do not have time to write some experiences because of difficult timing-up.

OK direct to the topic what I want to say: NO Google, NO Facebook. I think that I can't do more developments and codings there because I was so familiar with Google things like Android(Play Services), GAE etc.

But the Chinese mobile-world is dynamic and boom. As you take a taxi you find that drivers use different taxi-apps which are so simulated against Uber or mytaxi. There're so many Androids, not only the XiaoMi, MeiZu but also other different unknown devices, and app-market is also amazing large. You'll see different taxi-apps as examples. Also the WeChat occupies whole "chat-world" instead of Whatsapp here in west. In the network-world the Weibo takes over the places of Facebook and Twitter. The Weibo is an akin to a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. Of cos the Baidu plays a role as Google there and almost all normal users including developers use it. I think Chinese can do more and more when the west creation and innovation are adapted there. HmHmHm.... also an interesting thing, I don't have a mobile-number, but I can use free network everywhere, although I've to cherry-pick an available cell-phone to get password if I must do. But in some places like hotels or restaurants I do not need them. By using WeChat I can forget direct phone-call, SMS.

Fazi! I must learn and track the market of China, otherwise I'll be lost there :)